What is a Massive open online Course (MOOC)?

A Massive open online Course (MOOC) is a free online course that supports learning in a variety of different subjects and is open to anyone with access to a computer and the internet.  MOOCs aim to connect learners from across the globe with educators and with each other.

British Council's MOOC courses are available on FutureLearn - a UK’s social learning platform owned by the Open University, with experience in distance learning and online education of over 40 years.

We offer a list of MOOCs focusing on various topics. The British Council “Understanding IELTS” MOOC has broken the world record as the biggest MOOC ever with more than 440, 000 learners taking part since its launch.

We have so far delivered MOOCs to more than 1.4 million learners worldwide.

How can I join a course?

Select the course you are interested and register on the course page.

When can I join a course?

You can join a MOOC at any point during the course, from the first to the last day.

What kind of device can I join the course from? 

You can log in for your sessions on desktops, laptops and tablets.

Are there any registration charges?

The MOOCs are free, and can be accessed by participants anywhere provided they have an internet connection.

Do I need to meet any criteria to join the course?

We recommend you check whether the course meets your own personal requirements and is suitable for you before you sign up. The details of the course content are available on the course pages.

Do I get a certificate for attending the course?

You can buy a Statement of Participation for these online courses — this is a personalised, printed certificate to show that you’ve taken part and completed the necessary parts of the course. You must mark more than 50% of all course steps as complete and attempt all test questions to be eligible to buy a statement of participation.

Who do I contact for more details?

For more details on British Council's MOOC courses please contact us.