Monday 30 March 2015 -
18:00 to 23:59

The British Council’s English4Employability competition is part of our SEE Into the Future programme that helps improve opportunities for young people in many countries, including Serbia, to develop and improve their skills so they can have better employment prospects.

The competition was open to all undergraduates, postgraduates or young professionals living in Serbia that gave a creative answer to the question "Why do you need English for your employment?".

In this international competition young people from Serbia were competing for two awards, together with their peers from other Western Balkans countries. In other words, two contestants from Western Balkans who have submitted the most creative answers to the question above get to spend two weeks studying English in the UK. The winners from the Western Balkans countries are:

Winner Country UK School
Kristina Đorđević: "I am on my way of becoming an English teacher; therefore, my job revolves around the English language. As a future teacher who will teach, instruct and guide the students, I firmly believe that the knowledge of English is essential for communication, business and travel. Moreover, learning English opens up the possibility to familiarize with a different culture, customs and tradition. By learning a new language, one learns about a new culture: the two are intertwined. The trip to the UK is an excellent opportunity to experience the English culture and therefore improve both speaking skills and teaching skills." Serbia Languages United
Fatos Grubi: "The reason why I feel it’s important that I learn English first hand is because I am going to become a certified teacher soon and I need as much help and practice as possible before I graduate and start teaching. I remember my own teacher and her flawless pronunciation, her great accent and I remember aspiring to become a teacher like her. My goal is to better myself along with my English-speaking skills so that I can offer a more authentic feel to my future students and motivate them to become even better English-speakers." Macedonia Nottingham Language Academy

You can see the full list of winners on our SEE Into the Future website.

The English4Employability competition is organised by the British Council and language schools Languages United in Bath and Nottingham Language Academy in Nottingham. Our media partner in this project is the free newspaper and web portal 24 sata.