We invite the representatives of ICT companies, publishers, primary and secondary schools, universities, national and local government institutions, agencies, civil society organisations and everyone else who is wants to give their contribution to improvement of quality of education to apply for participation at the 'New Technologies in Education' event. 

By exchanging experiences, presenting successful examples from Serbia, other countries in the region and the UK, we will try to come to conclusions that will help us take a step towards a more inclusive and better education.

Have a look at the last year's programme.


If you are interested in this topic and wish to participate in the conference or to visit the fair at our event, please fill out this short form no later than 31 May 2018. Participation in the event is free of charge.

Please keep in mind that the number of participants is limited and that we will be able to accept new applications only until all of the places are filled. All of the applicants will receive an email from the organisers with the final confirmation no later than 12 February 2016.


If you are a representative of an educational institution and wish to register a group of your students, please contact our colleague Maja Landratoške for further instructions.

What does event registration involve?

All of the participants will be provided with:

  • access to the conference programme which includes lectures by leading experts in this area
  • access to the fair, workshops, debates and lectures that will be organised by exhibiting companies
  • simultaneous translation to English and Serbian
  • a printed programme and an event guide
  • official certificate of professional development for Serbian teachers.

Participants will not be provided with:

  • transportation to and from the venue
  • accommodation
  • food and refreshments.

Need more information?

If you need further information about the event, please contact our colleague Maja Landratoške.