Cultural Heritage Exchange programme

This exchange programme was aimed at museum professionals from South East Europe to support them to reinvent the image of their institutions, learn to attract new audiences and transform their museums into much more exciting and open spaces with strong international links.

Seeing and experiencing the transformation the museums in the UK have gone through over the past 15 years was priceless. 

Gordana Grabež, Executive director of National Museum in Belgrade

The programme started in April 2014 with seven selected participants from six countries of the Western Balkans who completed their short placement at UK Museums. The programme was made possible with the aid of a grant from the Headley Trust and is supported by the British Council and University College London (UCL).

The programme explored the broader role that museums can play in contemporary society, through establishing and defining identity, addressing pressing contemporary issues and engaging with young people and communities. After attending the programme participants committed to undertaking activities that would help to develop community engagement skills and disseminate knowledge to colleagues in the sector.

After the successful end of the project, we have created an infogprahic that summarizes the project through the timeline, information about the participants, their thoughts about the project, as well as the further plans for their communities and institutions. 

  • Cultural Heritage Exchange programme Infographic (Adobe PDF 619KB)
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