Agnesa Belegu, Game Designer (Techland)

Agnesa is a passionate Game Designer, currently working on Techland's Dying Light in Poland. Since 2017, especially when she is physically in Kosovo, she has worked to lay the groundworks of the gaming industry in her country. An MA in Interactive Entertainment, she mentors students through the JuniorGeeks program, practicing and building a curriculum for game design. 

As a founding member of the Kosovar Game Developer's (KGD) community, she continues her work to grow and strengthen the community in Kosovo.

Dajana Dimovska, Co-CEO (NapNok Games)

Dajana is a serial entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in Business and Game Development. She is co-CEO of NapNok Games, an award-winning and BAFTA-nominated Games Studio. Beyond this, as a co-founder of both the Copenhagen Games Collective & of the European Game Showcase and one of the female founders of the worldwide Game-Jam movement, she remains committed to helping build the independent game community.

Ed Fear, Lead Creative (Mediatonic)

Ed Fear is a Lead Creative at Mediatonic, and the director and co-writer of the sassy 90s puzzle crime caper Murder by Numbers. Over his many years in the industry he’s been a writer, designer, narrative consultant, producer, marketer and journalist, on games like The Swords of Ditto, Heavenstrike Rivals and Hatoful Boyfriend.

Ivan Notaroš, Game Developer (Independent)

Ivan is a jack of all digital trades from Belgrade, Serbia. He spends most of the time jumping from a project to project prototyping ideas as they flow through his mind. With a background in architecture and photography, he is mostly interested in procedural generation and first-person experiences.

Jordan Erica Webber, Writer and presenter (various)

Jordan Erica Webber is the resident gaming expert on The Gadget Show (Channel 5), a presenter for BBC Radio 4, and a host of podcasts including Wild Wild Tech and Talking Simulator. She has written for the Guardian for nearly a decade and co-authored a book called Ten Things Video Games Can Teach Us (about life, philosophy and everything).

Kristina Janković, Administrative Manager (Serbian Games Association)

Kristina Janković has proudly been supporting the mission of the SGA since its foundation in 2018, as its manager and the focal point for the local game dev studios and the wider community. She is actively engaging with all of the SGA members, partners and friends, as well as other players relevant to the flourishing Serbian gaming industry ecosystem.

Malath Abbas, Game Designer, Artist & Producer (Biome Collective)

Malath Abbas is an independent game designer, artist and producer working on experimental and meaningful games. Malath established Scotland's first game collective and co-working space Biome Collective, a diverse, inclusive melting pot of technology, art and culture for people who want to create, collaborate and explore games, digital art and technology.

Showcase Microtalk speakers

  • Adnan Mujkic, Software and game developer
  • Fehime Seven, Game developer
  • Giorgi Shelegia, Game designer
  • Jovan Jaramaz , Game and level designer
  • Julia Makivic, Creative technologist 
  • Nastasya Myakinina, Environment artist and indie developer
  • Pavle Goloskokovic, Game Designer (Prune Games)
  • Stefan Shontevski, Game Designer (Aeria Canada)
  • Vasilije Kovačević, Game Designer