13 DECEMBER 2018

British contemporary artist Celia Hempton, whose work was part of the Perceptions. Women tailored to society? exhibition visited Novi Sad as a guest of the exhibition and held an Artist's talk at the Gallery of Matica Srpska.

Celia Hempton paints small scale expressionistic canvases which embrace every subject, be it a landscape or human model, with a pragmatic but energetic desire to capture a monumentalised moment in time. In her most recent series, Chat Random, Hempton visited internet chat rooms and asked the people she met (coincidently all men) if they would model for her. The resulting paintings are performative time specific works, painted only in the duration that the model chose to stay on screen.

At the exhibition project Perceptions touring the Western Balkans, her work RAUL, SERBIA from the series "Chat random", which is part of the British Council Collection is displayed.

Celia Hempton, Raul, Serbia, 2nd June 2014 © Courtesy the artist and Southard Reid