British Council organised the new edition of PlayUK, called PlayUK Arcadia as a part of the 46 FEST.

After last year's edition of the PlayUK festival, which united six cities in the Western Balkans, when the films were screened at the same time, this year we presented a program enriched with new content. The goal of the PlayUK Arcadia was to examine the limits of creativity - whether the development of new technologies represents a new chance for filmmakers by offering them new formats, or whether this phenomenon has brought simplicity, "Instant" solutions that turn this area into entertainment?

In the film section, PlayUK Arcadia presented seven feature films. In addition to feature films, FEST in cooperation with the British Council, opened a whole new chapter in its forty-year history. Namely, the FEST audience during the PlayUK Arcadia VR (Virtual Reality) segment enjoyed a series of films made in this format.

Finally, the PlayUK Arcadia program was adorned with an unusual exhibition, made up of alternative video games. The curators of this exhibition, the Edinburgh duo "WeThrowSwitches" used this exhibition to try to answer the question whether video games can be art.