In addition to the film part of the festival, PlayUK Arcadia 2018 had additional content in the form of an exhibition of alternative video games and films in the virtual reality format (VR).

The exhibition of video games, whose curators are the "WeThrowSwitches", had the goal of examining the status of video games in the art world. For this occasion, they chose sixteen alternative and independent video games created in the UK and the Western Balkans. The exhibition was intended for fans of video games, but also for those who do not belong in this category because they do not need to have any gaming skills to enjoy such an exhibition.

The VR film is something completely new in our region, and the PlayUK Arcadia 2018 VR film segment included eleven titles that were filmed or animated in this format. Visitors had the opportunity to use the most modern equipment for viewing movies in VR format and in this way directly experience this innovative and increasingly popular field of cinema. Films which were shown at PlayUK Arcadia 2018 are: Unrest VR, First Impressions, Beethoven’s Fifth, In My Shoes: Intimacy, Horizons, Rain or Shine, Chapita, Aftershock: Nepal’s Untold Water Story and Munduruku: the Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon.