During PlayUK Arcadia 2018, we featured creatives and art and tech experts within panel discussion titled The Art of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Topics that were discussed at this gathering have touched on the ways that technologies have been altering our reality for years and have thus affected every form of social activity. Participants included Zoja Kukic, co-founder of Startit and SEE ICT, a non-profit dedicated to strengthening the local tech and start-up scene; Caroline Meaby, the British Council’s Wider Europe Arts Director, Leigh Alexander, author and journalist who, aside from video games, covers topics related to the merging of technology and popular culture, Ana Ilić, advisor to the Prime Minister of Republic of Serbia and Jugoslav Pantelic, FEST’s Artistic Director.

As the IT sector continues to rapidly evolve, the world of art remains torn on whether it is justified to use technology for the further development of creativity.
Do the changes in IT sector embody a new opportunity for artistic practice itself, for the context and the way it is presented in?
The goal of this panel discussion was to examine the future of art is in general, as well as the interaction between arts and new technologies.