As part of PlayUK Arcadia 2018, Professional Encounters was a unique opportunity to form partnerships with professionals from the arts and IT sector.

For years now, new technologies have been rapidly altering the reality we live in. While the IT sector is rapidly evolving on the one hand, the world of art remains torn on whether it is justified to use technology for the further development of creativity. Do these changes embody a new opportunity for artistic practice itself, for the context and the way it is presented in, or does their global reach increase the need for easy content, made purely for entertainment purposes?

Finally, having in mind that the fourth industrial revolution is still underway and that none of the stakeholders have a final answer as to where it will end, PlayUK Arcadia 2018 seeked to provide a space in which creatives from the UK, Serbia and the entire Western Balkans may equally exchange experiences, thoughts and examples of good and bad practice.