JODIE AZHAR | Merging Worlds - being both a technical and creative developer to make better games

CEO | Game Director at Teazelcat Games

Jodie is the CEO of Teazelcat Games, a studio creating inclusive story-driven games, and is currently directing their unannounced debut title.

Prior to this she spent a decade working as a technical artist at various game development studios, most recently as the Technical Art Director for the Total War franchise at Creative Assembly.

She is an award winning developer, in 2019 was featured as one of 100 of the most influential women in games in the UK, and in 2016 was one of BAFTA's Breakthrough Brits.

She is one of the founding members of POC in Play, a racial equity & inclusion movement aiming to address the lack of representation & inclusion of People of Colour in the UK video games industry. She also works as a STEM Ambassador to inspire future generations of potential game creators



Merging Worlds - being both a technical and creative developer to make better games

Video games can be complex to create, requiring many specialist skills and sometimes entire departments focused on a single area of development. However, having individuals focused solely on one area can lead to them losing sight of the big picture and what's most important to making the best experience for players. Drawing from her experience as a AAA Technical Art Director and now directing independent games Jodie will look at how all developers can utilise different skills and ways of thinking to develop game features with both the technical and artistic requirements in mind, to save themselves time and create a better game experience.