After almost two years, PlayUK returned Belgrade! As the festival of innovation and the interaction between art and technology, PlayUK 2020 went a step further and focused solely on video games and the gaming culture. This was to celebrate the fact that Serbian gaming studios and individual creatives have made a significant step towards the world stage: their games have become recognizable and played around the globe. 

PlayUK brought together British, local, and regional creatives, providing them with networking opportunities.

For that purpose, numerous opportunities were offered to creatives wishing to exchange their experiences in the field, while a diverse program showcasing the artistic side of gaming was offered to wider audience, providing them with ultimate entertainment, and a chance to participate in an exhibition of interactive artistic video games and VR setups – the latest creations from the UK-based brands. This unique exhibition was curated by the Scottish duo WeThrowSwitches


Workshops from different parts of gaming industry were held within PlayUK 2020.
On the ceremonial opening of PlayUK 2020 in Museum of Applied Arts, application Gift was launched.
Showcase on this year's PlayUK 2020 in Belgrade, was maybe the most interesting part of the whole festival.

PlayUK is the British Council's platform for supporting creativity in digital art, offering access to new skills and knowledge and creating and strengthening the interaction between art and technology. Creating links between the art and IT sectors and bringing together professionals from the UK and the Western Balkans, PlayUK deals with programming, gaming, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), animation, interactive and narrative design.