21st century schools is an ambitious, three-year educational program financed by the UK government and implemented across the Western Balkans by the British Council.

The program is aimed at teaching school children the skills of the future:  how to think critically, solve problems and gain practical computer skills through physical computing by using the micro:bit programming devices – small computers that can be used for programming.

Western Balkan’s pilot project began in Serbia in 2018. In partnership with Ministry of Education, Science and technology we successfully trained 1800 teachers and 410 directors on how to upgrade their capacities in teaching critical thinking, problem-solving and programming, and donated 12,000 micro:bit devices to schools in Serbia. Next school year, Micro:bit programming will become an integral part of the 7th-grade curriculum.

On January 28th, British Council will donate 450 more micro:bit computers to school directors and representatives. The computers will be used as an educational tool in classrooms and with their help, students will learn all the skills of the future in a fun, interactive and innovative way.

A show of the most successful and creative projects done by elementary school students will be presented at the ceremony, and a panel discussion with school representatives and officials from the Ministry of education will be organized on the topic of implementing new technologies in the Serbian educational system.

British Council has been working in Belgrade for 80  years now and we are committed to providing high-quality education to everyone, from the earliest age, which is why every school in the country is important and part of the program which is the most ambitious education initiative in Great Britain in the past 30 years.