Last month, we featured a case study from Hull College showing innovation in the curriculum through ‘flipped learning’. This month, we show how coaching supported teachers to implement this curriculum innovation. 

Overview of case study

This case study explains the coaching philosophy that underpins Hull College's ‘Improving Success by Flipping the Learning’ project. The project had four subject-based strands in Construction, Engineering, Hair, Beauty & Catering and Higher Education and tested a different flipped learning technology in each. For staff in each area, an increase in both the skills and confidence in using technology was achieved by supporting group training sessions with an individual coaching approach.

Who could benefit from this case study and why

  • People wanting to find out how the development of subject based coaches can increase staff confidence and competence in the development of their Information and communications technology (ICT) skills.
  • People wanting to find out how developing a coaching culture across your organisation can encourage the sharing of resources and effective practice.
  • People responsible for staff development and/or quality who want to explore the impact of individual and group coaching on technology-enhanced learning in the classroom.
  • People responsible for learning technologists who want to understand the benefits of training them in coaching models and techniques.

Over the course of the attached Case study Hull college will explain:

  • Who The Hull College Group are,
  • What they set out to do and why: including an explanation of their coaching model and the process of coaching and technology enhanced learning.
  • Evidence of impact
  • Lessons learned throughout this approach
  • Top Tips for Successful future implementation

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