Craven College have provided an excellent case study of their work with Aviation Employer, Swissport Ltd. The Teach Too project sets out to explore and evaluate different models of collaborative activity between employers and providers at practitioner level, in the co-design, delivery and assessment of vocational education and training programmes.

The full case study can be accessed below, but here’s a section of what you can expect to find:

Teach Too is about encouraging people from industry to spend time teaching their work through curriculum development, promoting the practice of teachers and trainers updating their industry experience and helping to build genuine collaborative arrangements between employer and providers. Through the Teach Too Development Programme, this project with Craven College was to ensure students understood the importance of maths and to encourage them to develop the required skills for the industry. Working together, curriculum staff and employees of Swissport Ltd developed a collaborative programme of study to develop maths skills using the work related context of aircraft load control.

Here are the project Aims:

  • To work with employers to develop vocationally contextualised maths materials and develop employers’ pedagogical skills to enhance company in-house training
  • To develop aviation students’ maths skills in the vocational context needed for employment
  • To enhance the direct line of sight to possible aviation careers and employment opportunities for students
  • To further embed a Teach Too culture within both the aviation sector and the maths department of the College.

The full case study covers a full project description of the project, the positive impacts that resulted from the project, and the key learning points that the institution and employer were both able to reflect on.

You can also watch this short video where you’ll hear from both educators and employers involved in the Teach Too project, discussing some of the benefits and challenges.

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