Our Vocational Education magazine has been running now for over half a year (check if you missed any content). Now we’d like to do more to communicate and engage with you, the readers; find out about your current situation and the challenges you face, and offer direct advice you can apply to your work.

Next month will see the introduction of a new, regular feature: The Skills Doctor. 

This is a place where you can ask questions about different aspects of vocational education and skills, and an industry professional will do their best to provide useful suggestions and solutions.

What is a Skills Doctor?

It’s super simple: Each month, a different Skills expert will answer a selection of readers’ questions, providing suggestions and advice on overcoming challenges and helping improve skills and employability of young people.  

How do I ask a question?

You can ask a question here.

Each month an editorial board will select a few questions to be answered by the Skills Doctor in the upcoming issue. Subscribe to get the monthly newsletter so that you don't miss the answer to your question.

In January, Tracey Partirdge, an expert from the University of Greenwich, will be answering your questions on how to meet your students' specific learning needs. 

Let us hear your questions!