Sino-British College (SBC) have provided their very comprehensive toolkit which has one specific goal in mind – enhancing employability for students.

What to expect from the employability toolkit?

SBC have simplified the concept of ‘enhancing employability’ by splitting it into three distinct elements that they feel are necessary to improving employability:

1. Career development, learning and training – the foundation 

Career development learning starts from year one and carries on to the students' final year. It is designed to facilitate the development of self-awareness, opportunity awareness, career decision learning and transitional learning. Students recognize their own strengths, motivations, values, characteristics, develop a self-reflective stance to academic work and other extra-curriculum activities, establish future career goals and devise short/medium-term career development plans during and throughout their career development training.

2. Industry links – getting students engaging with employers

CSD has developed strategic programmess ranging from student live-brief projects / work-based projects, company visits, vocational instructors committee, corporate scholarships, small job fairs and mock interviews, plus many more. As a consequence, students have been enabled to apply their knowledge, deepen the workplace insights, values, communication skills, and provide evidence of their achievements in the related development of employability skills.

3. Alumni networks – continued support

The SBC International Alumni Association (SBCIAA) was established in 2011. They have long been developing an outstanding platform from which graduates can expand alumni networks, share career experience, update knowledge base, seek potential business opportunities and promote career development, etc. 

Alumni keep in touch with SBC and with each other through various online and offline channels. SBC holds career salons regularly to allow its graduates to share industry information. Additionally, SBCIAA holds company visits to where alumni work so as to receive feedback on SBC graduates’ performance and help them realize a sustainable career development path.

The full, comprehensive Employability Statement goes into much more detail on past and ongoing projects/strategies, career and training objectives, career pathways options, global etiquette, case studies and much, much more.