The Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) have been hard at work creating a comprehensive guide to holding a workshop on an ‘Introduction to developing employability skills’ – and it’s free for you to use!

What is it?

This workshop has been designed to raise awareness and develop an understanding of the importance of employability and employability skills within the FE and skills sector.

Who is the workshop for?

It is designed for those people, who work within the sector and, as part of their job role, are expected to support learners in their career explorations and decision-making."

Who can teach the workshop?

This module can be delivered by anyone who is an experienced or qualified training professional if they take the time to familiarise themselves with the materials including the web links, handouts and references. It would, however, be an advantage if the trainer had experience or training in career development, as it would enable wider and deeper exploration of the topics covered.

What does the workshop guide offer?

Over 61 pages, the comprehensive workshop guide will provide you with everything you need to produce a clear, concise introductory module on developing employability skills. It includes:

  • full timings for every session
  • 26 powerpoint slides for use throughout
  • regular activities to keep the learners engaged
  • several handouts including guides, definitions and case studies
  • optional extension activities – for additional learning post module
  • links to additional reading and further workshops through the Learning and Skills improvement Service (LSIS).

What will the learner achieve?

The aim of the workshop is to develop an understanding of the complexities surrounding employability.

The objectives of the workshop are to enable participants to:

  • analyse a variety of perspectives on employability
  • state what employability means in their own organisations
  • describe the main employability skills required for their learners
  • discuss how to increase the development of employability skills in their learners.