Our newly developed Employer Engagement guide is all about taking action and seeing the benefits. Whether you’re a teacher, an employee or even an employer, there is something in this 70 page guide that will help towards giving students the very best chances possible when they leave school and enter the working world.

‘We have developed this ‘Employer Engagement Guide’ to help you and other head teachers, vocational teachers and employers working across the Western Balkans find the best ways to work together towards further development of education. We have made this practical guide to support you in equipping young people with knowledge and skills that correspond to future needs of employers.’

Still not convinced? – Here’s what can you expect to find in the guide

This guide is 70 pages dedicated to helping YOU improve the quality of your Employer Engagement, from the simple question of ‘why we do it?’ all the way through to finally making contact with that all important employer/school."

The guide covers:

  • Setting the Scene (Why Schools need to engage)
  • The benefits of employer engagement
  • Developing an engagement – generating ideas and activities, and working at a strategic level
  • Planning your activities
  • Contacting the employer and finding YOUR audience
  • A full summary
  • Tools to help – Planning documents, lesson activities

We have produced this guide with support from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office within the project ‘Employer Engagement and Reform of Vocational Education and Training in the Western Balkans’.