The Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) have developed an extremely comprehensive guide to leading wholescale curriculum redesign, encouraging readers to analyse and reflect on their current curriculum, providing thought provoking chapters ranging from the role of leaders in curriculum redesign to beginning work on redesigning your own curriculum.

This guide can be downloaded for free below, but here’s more about what you can expect to find:

Who is the guide for?

Although the guide is primarily aimed at senior leaders and managers with strategic responsibility for curriculum design, it will also be of interest to middle managers and practitioners.

What does the guide offer?

Over 53 pages, this guide offers reflective discussions about curriculum redesign, great advice on tools for change, and a large number of proven case studies to take inspiration from. 

The full contents include:

  • leading wholescale curriculum redesign
  • changing times for further education
  • the role of leaders in managing curriculum change
  • changing the culture
  • enterprise and employability
  • improving quality and efficiency
  • widening participation
  • tools for change
  • the role of technology in supporting curriculum change
  • redesigning your curriculum
  • support for managing curriculum change
  • case studies.

What will the reader get from the guide?

By the end of the guide, you should be in a position to fully reflect on your organisations current curriculum, and be able to better evaluate where changes need (and do not need) to be made. The guide will provide you with a host of necessary tools and guidance needed to help move forward and look to implement these new changes.

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