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ELTA (English Language Teachers’ Association) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that brings together teachers of English language at all educational levels, representatives of schools and institutions interested in the development of the profession, as well as students of English.

ELTA offers a number of free workshops, seminars and training sessions. Members are regularly notified about the timetable through the ELTA electronic newsletter

If you want to join, please download the Membership Form first and then simply follow the procedure described in the form itself.

Please visit ELTA’s website for more information.


YALS is the National Association of Foreign Language Schools of Serbia  (the former Yugoslav Association of Foreign Language Schools), founded in 1999 with the main aim to promote quality language teaching by maintaining high professional standards recognized throughout the world. 

In 2002 the Institute for Advancement of Education and Upbringing (IAEU) accredited two YALS programmes for professional development related to:

  • “Inspection of professional standards of language schools – teaching, administration, management and academic management od YALS“, and
  • “Harmonizing language proficiency levels with the international scale of levels - Common European Framework of Reference”

In the same year, YALS became an associated member of EAQUALS (Evaluation & Accreditation of Quality in Language Services) and in this way proved that it is a synonym for quality in Serbia. 

The YALS programme of “Successful Management of Educational Institutions – European Model”, accredited by IAEU, was successfully held in Nis, Kikinda and Zrenjanin in November, 2014. The programme is the result of 15 years’ work of operation of language schools, members of YALS, in the field of academic management and quality control, and the aim of the programme is professional development of directors and assistant directors of educational institutions. 

This organisation has a number of clear objectives and it has established a close cooperation with ELT publishers operating in Serbia and the English Language Teachers Association of Serbia. 

We have successfully cooperated with YALS for 15 years on the advancement of quality language teaching and learning, and development and maintenance of high professional standards. In 2012 our organisation and YALS  successfully implemented the „English for International Cooperation“ project, in which about 600 young people from all over Serbia learnt English with the help of about 40 YALS lecturers.  In addition to this, every year we traditionally organize joint  seminars in which world-renowned lecturers share with English language teachers the latest developments in the field of teaching and learning English language and culture.

Please visit YALS website for more information.

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