Get to know our partners and co-organizers on journey of introducing ICT solutions to education in Western Balkans region. In parallel with our two-day conference, we also organised a fair where over 30 ICT companies and educational institutions presented the latest technological solutions in education that they developed or introduced to the market. The participants were able to visit their stands, try out interactive classroom solutions, find out how to use the internet for high quality teaching and see a micro:bit devices for coding. 

Fair exhibitors:

Andrijana Ćirić and Božena Levarska

Andrijana Ćirić and Božena Levarska


She has a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy with nine years working experience in pre-school education and an author of the using digital toys seminar and a coordinator of the Erasmus+ project K1. She also has rich experience in presenting expert papers on conferences and expert gatherings on different subjects. She took part in numerous trainings in Slovakia and she is a licensed educator of auto corrective means in work with pre-school children “Logico primo”.


Exploring the world with digital technology

Pre-school institution “Včielka” has a lot of experience with using digital toys (Bee- bot, Tuf cam, Easi- scope, Easi speak interactive spelling book, Recordable pegs), interactive boards and educational software in working with children. This work demonstrates concrete activities and an educational project in using these modern means of work.


Math and math teachers on the internet

working group | New technologies in primary and secondary education

Anica works as a math teacher. In this presentation she talked about work that math teachers do on the internet (mostly Facebook), and their co-operation on different projects. ‘Tepih Sjerpinskog’ is well received in our country and has a special place among teachers. Serbia now has a very important place in it.

Anka Ivanović | Sanja Živković

Electronic violence- a new challenge for schools


The problem of electronic violence and its effect on the development and behaviour of children. Communication modalities for electronic violence and at-risk behaviour in a virtual communication space. Consequences of inadequate use of modern information- communication technologies. The role and importance of school in prevention of electronic violence. Anka Ivanović – implementer and organiser of a large number of activities organised by the Professional Development Centre, “Network of Development Centers and Professional Development Centers” and Scientific Club “Leskovac”.  Sanja Živković – rich experience in the special pedagogy and social area Presenter in numerous professional conferences dealing with destructive behaviour in children and youth. 

Anni Rautiainen

The Next 100 Years in Education


The world is changing fast and schools need to change as well. The Next 100 Years In Education is a presentation on how the Finnish organisation, HundrED, attempts to tackle the challenges in change‬. 

  The Finnish education system and the new national core curriculum

Finland is currently in the process of implementing the new national core curriculum - how has it changed and how will it affect schools?

Anni is returning to the University of Helsinki after spending a few years in Canada. She will continue her studies in the Teacher Education Program with hopes of specializing in the field of multiculturalism. Anni joined HundrED in February 2016 and now working there as a coordinator.

Ante Čurlin

Around the world in 60 minutes


An online trip that shows what is happening around the world right now and gives you the opportunity to visit famous cities, historic landmarks, ocean depths, volcanoes, mountains, wildlife cameras, satellites, space stations and much more. This project is realised through various interactive quizzes, mathematical and statistical modules and other modules that connect different subjects in primary education. 

Ante worked at several technical institutions such as the Institute for nuclear science Vinča before moving on to work in primary education as a teacher. 


Civic Education – from :( to :)

Working group | New technologies in primary and secondary education

Anđelka teaches Serbian language and literature as well as civic education. She talked about how to motivate students to work, without grading them? In her opinion, one of the possible answers to this question lies in Civic Education lessons, enriched with the use of IT and web platforms (Google Drive Form, Facebook, PowerPoint, Prezi, YouTube, blogging, smartphones).

Anđelka Petrović



This song is hard for every student since it is long and full of unfamiliar words and concepts. Teachers of Informatics and Serbian language thought that this song might become fun if they involve materials of modern technology into its processing. That is why they helped the students create a wiki page dedicated to this song.

Anđelka has graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. She works as a professor of Serbian language and literature, and civic education in the Mathematical High School in Belgrade. One of her interest is application of modern technologies in teaching.


Their mission is to improve education outcomes across the world using data. To do this, they've built a powerful data engine that can analyse data from multiple platforms to present clear and insightful analysis to teachers, school leaders and parents. Their platform is being used by over 6,000 schools and colleges world-wide. Their main hub is in Belgrade, where they have a great team of expert developers and product managers.

Arena Cineplex black

Arena Cineplex black