In this area we are currently working on two programmes:

  1. British Council, in cooperation with the Serbian European Integration Office, continues with the new cycle of the Professional Development Programme in the UK. The programme targets public servants of the Republic of Serbia, members of the Goverment's negotiating teams who work on accession of Serbia to the European Union. The programme supports professionals who will be able to share knowledge with colleagues and continue with the work on EU accession upon return, building on the experience gained in the UK. In many ways, it is an enriching programme – the participants are working side by side with UK colleagues and often in international environment. Professional Development Programme in the UK is beneficial both to the public servants and the institutions they represent. For the third consecutive year, the programme is funded by the British Embassy.
  2. The Programme for English Language Training aims at raising the level of interoperability of Serbian Armed Forces for international peacekeeping missions. It comprises professional development of teaching staff and leadership in teaching English through trainings and distance support. With many years of experience in English, public administration reform and capacity building projects, the PELT has been the place to merge three fields of our work. The PELT is led by the Ministry of Defence and supported by six donor countries: Norway, UK, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark and USA.