For Serbia’s education system, it is critical to modernize both classroom teaching and learning, and education administration, with a goal of efficiently managing available education resources for better learning outcomes.  

British Council works on digital skills development in the Serbian education sector, and supports policy development, institutional strengthening and training for teachers and school leaders.

At policy level, we collaborate with a range of stakeholders through the Working Group for Information and Communication Technologies of the National Education Council (NEC). In May 2014 we held a joint policy roundtable on Technology Supported Learning in Serbia’s Schools when we financially and technically supported NEC to prepare for implementation of the ‘Guidelines’ for the use of ICT in Education.


We also support capacity building and professional development at our annual national conference and fair ‘New Technologies in Education’, aimed at sharing knowledge and best practices. For these events, we mobilise UK expertise on selected topics, and provide opportunities for teachers to present best practices from Serbian classrooms. These events also represent opportunities for domestic and UK companies to present latest equipment and educational software.