Saturday 25 January 2020 -
14:00 to 20:00

Are you looking for guidance on how to develop your illustration and concept art skills or what the next step should be for you to become a better artist? Through their Live Art session, Vanja and Ognjen will shed more light on the importance of mentorship and how it helps build new skills and self-awareness both for the mentor and mentee.

Program on PlayUK curated by GameUp:

Time Description
14.00 PlayUK showcase space open for public
14.30 - 15.00 Event opening, GameUp 2020 announcement and introduction
15.00 - 17.00 Live Art Showcase
17.00 - 20.00 Drink & Draw: Socialize, grab some drinks and doodle!

*all segments of the event are free

Vanja Todorić is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Novi Sad (New Art Media Department). He works as a freelance artist, and also a lecturer in Concept Art for Video Games and Film at the Academy of Arts, Novi Sad (Illustration Department). Having recently concluded his participation on a AAA project ”PAGAN ONLINE”, a collaboration between Mad Head Games and Wargaming, Vanja is currently working on two AAA IPs, and I hope I’ll be able to talk more about them in the near future.

Ognjen Sporin graduated from the "Bogdan Šuput" School of the Arts in Novi Sad, where he is now undergoing studies in Illustration at the Academy of the Arts. Ever since he even thought of working as a concept artist or illustrator in the gaming industry, he had wanted to freelance (or even work in-house) for Blizzard, specifically on Hearthstone card art, largely because he is attracted to their style ever since he fell in love with WoW as a child. 

After the session you can join us at Drink & Draw which aims towards bringing artists together, exchanging experiences and just having fun. Invite your friends, meet cool people, enjoy a few drinks while sketching with fellow artists. Don't forget your sketchbook and pencils! Two hours of drawing will be followed by an hour of introductions and feedback.