For the fifth year in a row, the conference and fair "New Technologies in Education 2018"  brought together some of the best teachers in the field of using ICT in their classrooms, making this event better year after year.

Over the past years, we had the opportunity to meet over 200 speakers from the Western Balkans, UK and other countries who shared their experiences in the use of educational technologies through lectures, panel discussions and workshops. We firmly believe that this year's program will be the highest quality so far.

Below you can see short description of lectures and biographies of some of our lecturers who had their presentations on the conference. 



Tina Gotschi

Tina Götschi


Using Github and Jupyter Notebooks in the Maths and Computer Science Classroom

We invite 30 IT teachers to apply for this workshop. Working knowledge of English is desirable. Please bring your laptops and send your application to

Vladan Al Mladenovic

Vladan Mladenović


Physics teacher at "Ivan Vusovic" Elementary School in Razanj and Aleksinac High School, Advisor  to ŠU Niš, Member of the National Educational Council, Member of the National OMC Group for ICT, Associate Phet Colorado, Serbia's Best Educator 2016, Digital Time First Prize  2017, First Prize of EU Project MARCH 2016, Microsoft Honourable Teacher 2015, Best Presentation at ICTeachers 2012.


Technologies: From the hieroglyph to the virtual reality

The presentation highlights important discoveries for the development of education and schooling. From cave paintings, hieroglyphs and clay tiles through letters, paper and press to radio, television, computers, the Internet, smart phones, virtual reality. The parallels were attempted to examine the importance and role of today's new technologies in education as well as anticipate future events.

Vladan Obradovic

Vladan Obradović


Graduated in 1998 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, worked in several companies in Jagodina until 2011. Since then, he worked as a teacher of IT in the elementary school "Goran Ostojic" and "Ljubisa Urosevic".


Turtle graphics, sum of inner corners in a triangle

Class held as a correlation of subjects of mathematics and informatics. Students independently calculate internal and external angles in the triangle and then independently draw a triangle using Python turtle graphics. Students use a programming language to develop interest in solving mathematical tasks.


Vladimir Stankovic

Vladimir Stanković


Vladimir Stankovic is a MSc in Human Resource Management. He is the director of the Technical School in Bor. At our conference he was a lecturer, member of the organizing committee and moderator in the category of Leadership.


How to raise the number of students with blog and DM

Marketing strategies in the planning of enrollment of pupils in secondary schools, using the blog and social networks content. Through concrete examples, I will try to present the possibilities that we can use to increase the number of pupils at enrollment, starting with communication with eight-graders in their schools until using the Internet tools students use.

Zorica Ivanovic

Zorica Ivanović


Obtained PhD degree at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. She works on the use of IT in teaching and the development of frequency dictionaries. She has the title of pedagogical advisor. She works as an external associate of the ZUOV. She has published two books of poems, a monograph, a dialectology work, a book of drama, a dictionary of lectures, has about twenty professional papers.


Use of interactive maps in lectures

The presentation contains detailed elaborate steps in creating interactive maps using the Tour builder tool. A map of Serbian monasteries and churches is presented, and other maps are pre-planned through links that can be accessed. Since the paper deals with the field of literature, it has been emphasized that the application of this tool can be very useful in the teaching of geography, history, biology and dialectology.

Nema fotografije

Ivica Prlić and Hrvoje Mesić



CARNET e-schools Project; Dosimetry of electromagnetic radiation for the implementation of the pilot project e-schools

Dosimetry of electromagnetic radiation for the implementation of the pilot project e-Schools (Establishment of the system of digital mature schools - pilot project).

Workshop 1

Jasna Bogunović Marković, Ivan Žunac and Marjana Brkić


Scientix is ​​the largest online community that gathers STEM teachers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and provides them with a place to exchange their practices and experiences, as well they continuously have trainings in the form of courses and webinars. Also, Scientix offers a large number of free online resources that teachers can use in teaching.

Participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to learn firsthand from Scientix ambassadors and representatives of the Center for the Promotion of Science opportunities for teachers offered by this project. The workshop will show how to use Scientix portal, as well as examples of successful projects.

Workshop 2

Katarina Stekić and Marjana Brkić


Unlike other occupations in which gender is mostly equal, careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are characterized by a large gender gap, which is largely a consequence of stereotypes. In line with the increased need for human resources in STEM areas, the Hypatia project is concerned with raising academic gender stereotypes that are an obstacle to selecting STEM careers for girls and girls across Europe.

At this workshop, the participants will learn more about a set of tools offered for free by this project, with the idea to help education professionals to interest young people in the STEM area and encourage them to explore the diversity of careers in STEM in a gender inclusive way.

Marek Jędryka

Marek Jędryka


Marek Jędryka is a Pearson Teacher Trainer and Product Manager. He has more than 20 years experience as a teacher of English at both state and private schools. Currently, Marek is engaged in a number of digital educational projects, travels to many countries, liaises with teachers and gives presentations and workshops focused on modern technology in learning and teaching.


Find your own way of teaching with technology. 

Whatever moment of the teaching process you’re at now, there’s technology to help you make the most of your teaching time! In the session we will be discussing the hottest teaching topics of these days, including managing homework, measuring progress effectively and providing objective and formative assessment to help personalize learning. That’s to name just a few. Come to see more!