PodRoom Gallery | Cultural Centre of Belgrade

A special part of PlayUK was dedicated to new technologies in film. As virtual reality (VR) becomes one of the most dynamic and attractive areas for many artists, we decided to give the audience a chance to enjoy a completely new storytelling experience. Following the trends of film festivals around the world, we chose some of the most popular VR experiences and created a VR Arena in the PodRoom gallery in the Cultural Centre of Belgrade.

On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 February, the audience got to experience documentary, tourist, historical and artistic content.

NOTES ON BLINDNESS | 25 min | In 1983 writer and theologian John Hall starts loosing his sight. With the help of an GearVR device you can step into his world. For a moment you will feel the world around you in a completely different way. The film with the same name, that served as a basis for this VR project, is being shown at the PlayUK festival. Watch the trailer.
DAYDREAMING WITH KUBRICK | 100 min | James Lavelle, the protagonist in the film The Man from Mo'Wax and a multidisciplinary artist is the curator of a series of exhibitions named 'Daydreaming with...'. A part of this exhibition organised in the prestigious Somerset House, is dedicated to Kubrick and can be experienced in VR.
HIDDEN CITIES: DUBLIN IN THE DARK | 4 min | Financial Times offered its readers a new and extraordinary experience through a series of VR walks through Dublin in 360 degrees. The tale of Dublin is actually a research of of the contemporary literary history and the popular trend of crime novels in contrast with the great Irish writers.
NO SMALL TALK | 10 min | Instead of having a small talk over coffee two young women exchange oppinions on important themes such as modern marriage, the influence of media on the stress level of modern life, the concept of feminimity, the influence of technology and milenials. This is one of the first interviews done in VR. Watch the trailer. 
EASTER RISING | 12 min | Step into a memory of 19 year old Willie and go back in history into the moment of the Easter uprising in 1916, a year that changed the Irish history forever, told by a man and his rebelious ideals. Watch the trailer.