This course will give you the chance to learn and share with teaches who plan to work in pre-school.. We aim at creating a team of committed teachers who would promote pre-primary ELT. In this respect teachers will be equipped with necessary skills to work with pre-primary learners and subsequently a group of trainers will be formed with a forum for sharing practices in pre-primary ELT.

 There will be two introductory sessions on September 14th. They will be followed by 50 hour teacher training.

The topics that will be covered over the course are:

  • Theories of early cognitive development and first language learning and how children develop socially and emotionally
  • How can teachers support children’s overall development and development of language
  • The role of play
  • Approaches for teaching English as a foreign language to very young learners and how to implement them in the classroom
  • Receptive language in teaching very young learners
  • Creating teacher-made materials for very young learners
  • Assessment of very young learners
  • Classroom Observation
  • Assessment procedures relevant for young learner context


About the presenters

Marina Cvetkovic

Marina Cvetkovic is an English Language Lecturer for the subjects English Language 1 and English Language 2 (ESP). She has been working at the University of Belgrade, Teacher Education Faculty since 2000.

Significant published papers are: ”Some Innovations in teaching/ learning foreign languages at the Faculty of Educaiton – University of Belgrаde“, ELT News, Athens (2004), ”Мultimedial Enrichment of English Language Teaching“, Teaching Innovatuions (2007), ”Теаching Teachers about Teaching“, Confeence Proceedings from the LSP Conference, Foreign Language Teachers' Association, Belgrade (2008), ”Possibilities of a Learner-Centred Method in Teaching English“, Student in Contemporary Learning and Teaching, Book of Proceedings, PWSZ, Belgrade (2009), ”Specialised English Terminology for Pre-school and Primary School Teachers“, Conference Proceedings from the LSP Confeence from the Foreign Language Teachers' Association, Belgrade (2011), ”Curiosity and Creativity – A Perfect Foundation for CLIL”, (co-author), Confeence proceedings, Jagodina (2012), translations for the scientific periodicals Teaching Innovations and Pedagogy.

She is a co-author of the Primary ELT Manual for the second grade, British Council, Ministry of Edcuation and Sport (2004), the author of the course bbok Englaish Language – a course book for students of Teacher Educaiton Faculties, Belgrade (2009), I Married a Serb, Resource Pack (co-author), a resource pack for the documentary film, British Vouncil, Belgrade (2013).

Marina Cvetkovic has been participating in the projects of the teacher Education Faculty and one of the significant ones is English Language Module for the lower grades of the primary school.

She is also a teacher trainer. E-mail:

Olja Milosevic


Olja Milosevic holds PhD in Applied Linguistics and is primarily interested in second language acquisition and maintaining mother tongue. She has been involved in second and foreign teaching at all levels in primary, secondary and tertiary education. Currently she works in an international school as English as an Additional Language teacher. She worked on several ELT project. The most important ones are Designing Teacher Training Manual for Primary ELT and Module for English at Teacher Training College. Olja is also interested in teacher training and supporting teachers.

How to apply?

If you wish to attend this workshop, please send an e-mail with your name, school and e-mail address to Ivana Kaplarevic by Wednesday, 10 September 2014, 1700. Please state that you are registering for either Authentic materials and reflective teachers or Upskilling English Teachers to Work with Pre-Schoolars or both in the subject line. Please hurry up since the we can accept only a limited number of applications. Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail.