What is a British Council IELTS Award? 

The British Council has developed this award to help more people pursue their aspirations to get international education experience and networks. This is for people planning to attend an undergraduate or postgraduate programme in or outside Serbia. We encourage applications from any ethnic minority group in Serbia OR from candidates who are facing financial hardship. 

Every three months one Academic IELTS test will be awarded to a successful applicant in Serbia. Here are the periods you can submit your applications: 

  • April - June 
  • July - September 
  • October - December
  • January - March 

Who is eligible for the British Council IELTS Award? 

Essential eligibility criteria are that applicants must: 

  • be 18 years or above 
  • be a resident of Serbia 
  • be enrolled in a higher educational institution in Serbia  
  • confirm the intent for applying to an educational institution, anywhere in the world, that requires IELTS in their reference letters or by providing proof of submitted application.

What is the application process? 

Complete the IELTS Award application form (available at the bottom of the page) and submit it together with uploaded copies of your: 

  1. Passport or identification document proving your residency in Serbia
  2. Special requirements certificate (if applicable)
  3. Letter of acceptance/application from the university you plan to attend that requires IELTS as part of its admission process
  4. Two reference letters: from a current academic professor/supervisor and/or from any other mentor current or past.

All the documents must be submitted to the British Council by 30 June 2023, 23:59 to the following e-mail: No applications will be considered after the deadline.

Personal statement 

The personal statement on the application form is your chance to tell your story and is crucial in the shortlisting process. It should describe your reasons for applying for IELTS Award and how it will benefit your academic career. Please describe in what ways you expect it to make a difference to your life and those around you. Write no more than 500 words. 


The selection will be carried out by a panel of British Council staff.  

All applicants with special requirements will automatically be shortlisted provided that they meet essential eligibility criteria. 

Only successful applicants will be notified directly. We will update this page when the selection process for a specific period has been completed. 

How will the test be awarded and when? 

A successful candidate will have to take IELTS test within the next three months of being selected. The award is non-transferable to any third party and non-refundable.