Get to know our partners and co-organizers on journey of introducing ICT solutions to education in Western Balkans region. In parallel with our two-day conference, we also organised a fair where over 30 ICT companies and educational institutions presented the latest technological solutions in education that they developed or introduced to the market. The participants were able to visit their stands, try out interactive classroom solutions, find out how to use the internet for high quality teaching and see a micro:bit devices for coding. 

Fair exhibitors:

DIVISION Visual Solutions

DIVISION VISUAL SOLUTIONS d.o.o. from Belgrade is a company specialized in projecting and implementation of professional visual solutions applying recent technological developments in the field of video and audio industry. A special segment of our business is the development and implementation of touch screen interactive solutions for educational purposes and for corporate training of personnel.

DIVISION Visual Solutions

DIVISION Visual Solutions is a company specialized in the field of design and implementation of professional visual solutions in education applying the latest technological achievements in audio and video industry. 

It provides interactive 'touch screen' solutions as well as modern teaching tools for digital learning made by leading manufacturers SMART Technologies, NEC, Aver, Plus for use in schools, universities and in the corporate sector.


DIVISION Visual Solutions

DVS - Division Visual Solutions is a company specialized in the design and implementation of professional visual solutions, applying the latest technological achievements in the audio and video industry.

We are specialized in the design and installation of control - command centers, Digital Signage solutions as well as system integration of AV and ICT equipment for the needs of the public and private sectors.

A special segment of our business is the development and implementation of "touch screen" solutions, which improve the process of teaching in schools, at universities, and contribute to more efficient business in the corporate sector.


DK is an award-winning global publisher, part of Penguin Random House, the world’s largest trade publishing company. They are proud to be the world’s leading illustrated reference publisher. They reach consumers in over 87 countries and 62 languages. Their aim is to inform, enrich and entertain readers of all ages through books, eBooks and apps with a unique and attractive graphic style which is now recognised around the world. 

Dobrinka Kuzmanović

Digital literacy - achievement factors


This presentation will address the results of 8th graders’ digital competences survey in 56 primary schools in Serbia. The survey, organised by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and supported by the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy Psychology Institute, was conducted in May 2016. Besides reflecting on the pupils achievements, focus will be on the factors anticipating success of pupils in the domain of digital literacy. She finished basic psychology studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, and this is where she is currently doing her doctoral thesis in scope of which she explores digital literacy in Serbian youth.  Since 2009 works at the Psychology Department of the Faculty for Media and Communication in Belgrade as assistant in Education Psychology and Development Psychology subjects. 

Dom omladine Beograda black

Dom omladine Beograda black

dr Dragana Gavrilović-Obradović, Jasmina Jerković and Novak M.Sikimić

dr Dragana Gavrilović-Obradović, Jasmina Jerković i Novak M.Sikimić


Doctor of didactic-methodical sciences with work experience in several elementary schools and 26 published scientific papers. Lecturer and corrector of the journal MODZERTANI KOZLONY, Member of the Jury for literary works at the international competition of literary and artistic works of preschool children and pupils of elementary and secondary schools, called Mother Tone and Education, and organized by Friends of the Children of Vojvodina.


Learning through play

Learning through play using the creative LOGOGO 9+ puzzle, at the age of III and IV grade elementary school helps the learning process and the overall development of each child. Today, so-called functional knowledge / literacy it very important and this is best achieved through motivation, concentration, analytic, curiosity.


Vladimir Trajkovik

Dr Vladimir Trajkovik


Vladimir Trajkovik, PhD is professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering. His research interests include: ICT based Collaboration Systems and Mobile services with focus on Educational and Health-care Systems. He has published 4 books, 12 book chapters and more than 150 journal and conference papers. He is co-founder or partner in four ICT companies in the last 15 years.


Introducing Coding Subject in Primary Education

This work presents methodology to deliver “Learning to code” subject in primary schools addressing various stakeholder perspectives and needs. The main stakeholders are: educational policy makers, teachers, and students. The proposed methodology consist of four cycles and uses different educational paradigms and digital tools in achieving the needed skills set among students.

Nema fotografije

dr. Andrej Flogie, dr. Magdalena Šverc and Maja Vičič Krabonja


Doc. dr. sc. Andrej Flogie is the manager of Anton Martin Slomšek Institute in Maribor. He is an expert in the field of ICT applications in business and education processes, projects management, adult education, introduction of innovative teaching skills, development of e-services and e-content.


Innovative Pedagogy 1:1 in Slovenian Schools

Inovative Pedagogy 1: 1 is a project that started in 2017, as part of the tender of the Slovenian Ministry of Education and co-financed by the European Social Fund. In our focus is a trained, innovative teacher who facilitates learning opportunities for students who are active and develop their competencies. The process should be supported by the careful and meaningful use of modern mobile devices.