Get to know our partners and co-organizers on journey of introducing ICT solutions to education in Western Balkans region. In parallel with our two-day conference, we also organised a fair where over 30 ICT companies and educational institutions presented the latest technological solutions in education that they developed or introduced to the market. The participants were able to visit their stands, try out interactive classroom solutions, find out how to use the internet for high quality teaching and see a micro:bit devices for coding. 

Fair exhibitors:

Dušan Milić | Aleksa Krstić | Milena Kostadinović

3D printer in the classroom- heaven or hell?


Should we and why purchase a 3D printer for school, what we need to know before we buy it, what we need to know and do from the purchase and first printout, what can be printed and what can not, organisation of work on 3D printer, how to use it in specific subjects. Dušan is a lecturer at the Small School of Programming and to date, he has delivered over 50 lectures in the area of electronics and robotics. In 2015 he was appointed national robotics coordinator in Serbia (EuRobotics). Aleksa is a physics student and within the Small School of Electronics he creates contents, runs workshops and delivers lectures in the area of: Programming and electronics. Milena works as a lecturer- associate at the Small School of Programming and as implementer of NTC workshops for children. 

Dušan Milovanović

Leadership in education 


Leadership in education is extremely important. It mobilises, activates and shapes a large part of the teaching staff that would remain unused if motivated only by formal legislative regulations. This presentation will show some characteristics that separate leaders from managers such as vision, long term planning and motivating associates through personal example and characteristics, creativity and enthusiasm. A leader must have expert knowledge and know legal regulations well. He must also be informed, communicative and dedicated to the greater good.

Dušan is the headmaster of Politehnika School where he has been working for three decades at various positions. He is very experienced in connecting education and machine industry, and later the ICT sector and other partners.

E-Smart Systems

Since its establishment, E-Smart Systems has worked on developing complex software solutions, system integration and information systems’ protection. The company will present solutions related to access control with video surveillance, press control, equipment and software of renowned manufacturers and ESEC training and testing centre services.

Edin Kadić

E-medica international project


The 'E-medica' project is a virtual community of all medical schools in Croatia and some international schools from Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia. It is based on an educational portal of medical schools, online communication between students and teachers, video conferences and the use of ICT in the classroom. It is a project of creating a new community of medical schools by using new didactic methods of online teaching and learning. 

Edin graduated Croatian language and art history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar. He has been working at a medical school there for over 30 years as a teacher and school administrator. He also received an award from the town of Zadar for his accomplishments in education, pedagogy and informational science.


Eduka, a publishing house located in Belgrade, specializes in textbooks for both elementary and high school. For almost two decades it has been one of the leaders in the textbook market in Serbia. For the past five years, Eduka has developed new digital learning materials for elementary school students. Along with complete textbooks in htlm5 format, Eduka has produced different courses on Moodle platform, as well as series of tests in different digital formats, that accompany printed books. Eduka continues to grow through constant development of the creative digital and learning resources.

Edukey Education

At the fair Edukey will present their flagship product — ClassCharts. It allows for a consistent approach to effective behaviour management and can be tailored to match existing school policy. The software encompasses powerful analytical tools to create an accurate and clear picture of pupil behaviour in schools.

The software has many more in-built features such as pupil and parent accounts, the ability to manage rewards, the facility to manage pupil detentions and the creation of intelligence events that automatically inform key staff or parents when events occur.

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Embassy and GREAT - partners

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