Get to know our partners and co-organizers on journey of introducing ICT solutions to education in Western Balkans region. In parallel with our two-day conference, we also organised a fair where over 30 ICT companies and educational institutions presented the latest technological solutions in education that they developed or introduced to the market. The participants were able to visit their stands, try out interactive classroom solutions, find out how to use the internet for high quality teaching and see a micro:bit devices for coding. 

Fair exhibitors:

Dragan Domazet

Challenges and opportunities of online learning


This lecture will give an overview of the challenges that accompany the use of online studies in Serbia, based on ten years of application at the Metropolitan University in Belgrade. In particular it will highlight the personalization of e-learning as a unique aspect of e-learning that goes beyond the possibilities of traditional teaching.

Dragan is a full-time professor since 1991. He finished his specialization at the University of Illinois, and was a researcher at Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology and a lecturer at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He was the Minister of Science, Technology and Development in the Government of Serbia from 2001 to 2004. Since 2005 he has been the founder and dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, and since 2010 founder and rector of the Metropolitan University.

Dragan Gašević

Analytics of teaching 


Dragan will present the area of teaching analytics and give a short review of experiences gained in different practice cases. He will also discuss key challenges that need to be resolved so that the teaching analytics can have a lasting effect on educational research and practice. 

Dragan is a professor at the University of Edinburgh where he leads university and research activities in the area of teaching analytics. He is also the president and one of the founders of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). 

Dragan Kreculj

Dragan Kreculj


Dragan is a Master Professor of Technique and Informatics / Informatics and Computing. Employed at Elementary School "Jovan S. Popović" in Belgrade. Associate in many institutions such as the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Institute for the Advancement of Education, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and School Administration of Belgrade. Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. 


Simulation of electronic elements and devices

The simulation of electronic elements and circuits shows the lesson Electronic Elements (TIO, 8th grade). With the innovative method for digital electronics, the material was presented in a functional and interactive manner, with the application of ICT. Online Falstad Circuit Simulator is used to display the functioning of passive and active electronic elements. By combining them, more complex electronic circuits are formed.

Dragan Kreculj

Modelling of electrical / electronic circuits on a computer


This presentation will show the characteristics of 123D Circuits app for modelling electrical circuits in class. Available online, this app has a simple interface with components and devices. It integrates the microcontroller platform Arduino and allows management through code writing. 

Professor of technical sciences, Dragan works at a primary school in Belgrade. He is an external advisor at the Institute for Advancing Education and Upbringing and will soon become an associate at the Faculty of mechanical engineering in Belgrade. He wrote many articles published at different scientific magazines.

Dragan Đorđević

’’M learning – why do we need it?’’

10. FEBRUARY AT 14.30 | HALL 'ALT'

M-learning (mobile learning) is considered “informal learning”and implies learning assisted by all sorts of electronic devices, laptops, mp3 players, tablets, mobile phones, etc. Its basic advantage is enabled learning “any time any place”, and it also encompasses cooperation and information/knowledge sharing with associates or friends or...  Of course, there are also rules and laws. The purpose of this presentation is to bring the “mobile learning” concept closer to HRs and help decision-making regarding introduction of M learning in their companies.

Dragana Aleksić | Aleksandra Bojović | Željka Bojić

Android app as a project in the field of culture


'Learn about Šabac' Android app is a project in the field of culture that was created by two students of Faculty of Organisational Sciences, a Literature professor and a teacher. It was created through the connection of primary, secondary and higher education institutions with the town administration, and it is now successfully used in the education system.

Dragana Malidžan Vinkić

Using ICT for the promotion of inclusive education


Social inclusion unit, which is a part of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development works to increase the quality of education and to make it available to all children and students in Serbia. The role of ICT in this process is key since it allows the teaching process to adapt to specific needs of children. It can also contribute to a timely distribution of information to all participants in the education process and in doing so increase their level of involvement and interaction.

Dragana is an inclusive education advisor at the Social inclusion unit. She worked in a primary school as a teacher of Serbian language for nine years and has experience working with students with development difficulties. She actively works on the promotion of inclusive education and availability of education for all children.

Dragana Mišić

Dragana Mišić


Employed in primary and secondary school. My occupation is pedagogical advisor. In my work I apply and develop project lectures.


Project lectures – mobility of students and schools

For the project Coronation of Stefan Prvovencani seen by the eyes of students, a blog was opened on which materials were uploaded for students. There were several schools where the time of the Middle Ages was conceived through school projects. All material was published on the blog, and  an the exhibition of student works has been organized at the Library of the City of Belgrade. In that way we've connected several schools.

Dragana Simić

We turned the classroom upside down and “straightened” knowledge


Growing lack of interest of pupils in learning and attending classes has motivated Dragana to apply a new learning method- an upside down classroom. Pupils prepare at home for a new lesson based on the material shared in a cloud. Together we have made classes much more interesting. Dragana has been a teacher of computer science group of subjects at Vocational School “July 4th” in Vrbas for the last eight years. She has 21 years of professional experience. For a number of years she was engaged in computing training for children and adults, on several occasions she authored and implemented curricula accredited by the Ministry of Education.      

Dragana Tepić

Architecture in a virtual environment


Virtual interpretation considerably facilitates design and construction of buildings, i.e. of their models. Besides that, parameter-based modelling plays an important role and implies a process enabling performance of specific analyses like analysis of measurements and dimensions, space, assembly and possible behaviour of the designed building by parameter manipulation.  Senior assistant at the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, University of Banja Luka. Engaged in exploring origami geometry through application of parameter modelling and digital fabrication. Author of a range of student workshops, the results of which have been presented at national and international exhibitions in the category of new technologies application in education.