The conference ‘New Technologies in Education 2017’  gathered over 180 educators,  teachers, enthusiasts from Serbia, the region and the UK that opened new views and approaches about the education and digital age topics and with participants discussed the future of education. 

Have a look at the list of the speakers that spoke at the event last year. You can also watch some of the lectures (available in Serbian only) and download the presentations.


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Irina Damnjanović

Ecological adventure at Moodle


Did you find ecology interesting in school? Probably not. In this ecological adventure at the Moodle platform, students are guided for the part of the road, and part of it they create on their own. They create bird gallery, compile nutrition chain networks and design ecosystem protection strategies. The effect? Motivation, developing learning and cooperation skills, handling data and, “by the way” understanding basic ecological concepts. BSC in biology, author of awarded popular science books for children. Works in the primary school “Kreativno pero” as a biology and science teacher. Pioneer of reversed teaching, posts video lessons on her YT channel. Projects and competitions: MS Innovative Expert Educator, Creative School, MARCH project, Razvionica, The Classroom of the Future, Edmondo trainer, seminar “Web tools in biology classes".

Iva Urdarević

Let's build bridges and transcend barriers using ICT


Using social networks and translation tools, the deaf and hard of hearing students successfully communicate with their peers abroad. In this way, barriers in their communication are being transcended, and knowledge of English acquired in the classroom applied in a real life situation.

Iva has a Masters in Defectology- surdoaudiologist. She teaches English at the secondary school 'Stefan Dečanski' for students with hearing impairment and hard of hearing. Leader of the literary club and school magazine editor. Coordinator of international school cooperation projects. Member of the Council of the Academy of Central European Schools.

Ivan Milovanović

School Wiki Corner


School Wiki Corner is a product of joint work of pupils and teachers in activities within the “Our School- Wiki School” project. Following completion of the project, a few seventh and eighth grade pupils have, together with their mentors, continued working on analysing and creating free knowledge on Wikipedia and Wikimedia pantry within the School Wiki Corner with an ambition to establish a new school club. Teacher and pedagogical advisor at a small village school, in a combined class, specialist in nature and science subject methods and MA holder in educational policy. Participated in various projects aimed at improving quality of education and upbringing. Author of the inter-school project “Our School- Wiki School” implemented under the auspices of Wikimedia Serbia..


Ivan Sidorov

Download, print and play


Presentation of educational material downloaded from the Internet that gets a new life in a real environment. Printing of these free virtual toys and games creates inspiring tools for each child in the classroom.

Ivan graduated from Leningrad State University with specialisation 'Maths Methods Psychology of Individual Differences'. He was the winner of 'Internet Projects for Education' competition in 2001 and scholarships of IFF (USA) for Internet communication in 2006. He has received the award for research in modern communications in 2009 and grant for Print&Play education in 2011. Now he offers free downloadable tools for educators.

Jovan Jovanović | Marina Injac

Division algorithm for the blind and visually impaired students


Assistive technologies could be a great tool for students who are blind or visually impaired to help them master necessary knowledge and skills, and solve mathematical tasks. In a few steps, students are trained to divide multi-digit numbers using the latest information technology, software and hardware.

Jovan Jovanović is a teacher at the primary school 'Stevan Sinđelić' in Belgrade, while Marina Injac works as a teacher in the primary school 'Duško Radović'. They are authors of professional papers published in the KNOWLEDGE International Journal Scientific and  Applicative Papers and among the lecturers at the international scientific conference 'Knowledge - Capital of the Future'. They also co-authored accredited professional development programmes for educational staff.

Katarina Veljković

Robot assistant in class


The use of robots in classes develops a wide range of life skills for the 21st Century in pupils, like team work and cooperation, but also problem-solving, decision-making and logical thinking. Students create different applications to manipulate robots and in that way demonstrate STEM concept, or more accurately, while playing pupils apply the acquired knowledge in physics, engineering and maths. Katarina is one of the first teachers in Serbia to introduce robotics in the teaching process. For her work “Programming robots in Microsoft Robotics Studio” she won first prize in the European competition “Microsoft European Innovative Teacher Forum“. As a programming and maths teacher, she uses innovative learning methods with application of ICT (robot, mobile phone, etc.), motivates students and stimulates their creativity to solve diverse everyday life problems.

Klara Somogyi

A path to accessible learning – practical solutions


This presentation presented a few examples that answer the question how can we make the learning experience more accessible for all. The Guidelines for Accessible Information weree introduced which offer solutions for text, image, audio and video based information and is a completely open source tool available in 26 languages. With a background in education as well as media and communication, Klara Somogyi is a Digital Media Manager in the Agency. She participated in the ICT for Information Accessibility in Learning project and has contributed to disseminating the guidelines for providing accessible information in learning. Ms Somogyi has been safeguarding digital accessibility within the organisation by developing a House Style, templates and work protocols, and providing in-house staff training sessions and consultancy on information accessibility.

Kristina Radojčić

The Tower Block- the tower of words


Presentation described eTwinning creative writing project which implies cooperation and socialising of pupils in a virtual world where they build a tower of words each describing their flats in the most creative way possible and spend time in activities and assignments they design together with their teachers. The pupils use all available tools creating comics, films, design interior, peek into other rooms. Kristina Radojičić is an English language teacher at the Primary School “Drinka Pavlović” in Belgrade. She participated in an international project under the Lifelong Learning programme. In the “New Technologies in Education” conference she presented the topic “Smart phones- an advantage in language learning”. She is interested in innovation in the field of teaching concerning methodology and use of readily available technologies.

Ljilja Davidov

Blog as a practical training manual


Presentation of the AUTOMOTIVE BASIS blog as a handbook for practical training of students (Auto Electrician department) stemming from the experience of teachers, but also translation of texts on this topic. Graduated from the Technical College in Subotica, where she acquired the title of electrical energy engineer. Since 2005 works at the Technical Secondary School as a teacher of practical group of electrical subjects (Auto Electrician department). 


Loredana Zima Krnelić

Learning by creating


After the Croatian Makers project had donated 5 educational sets of mBot robots to primary school Vežica, pupils’ interest and everyday work in the classroom made Loredana explore how to assemble a robot on your own. Not long after that she found a solution on YouTube and decided to try assemble robots with her pupils. This presentation demonstrated what they have assembled and what they have learnt creating. Computer Science teacher, teacher mentor to students at the University in Rijeka, ICT educator for primary and secondary school teachers, author of digital teaching material, reviewer of professional and school literature, lecturer at international conferences (BETT, MIPRO, CUC, HUPE, ICIEC-Youth Summit). Coordinator of iSchool (iPad use in teaching all subjects) for three years, and iSchool project coordinator in the last two years. Started delivering robotics classes last year.