The conference programme of "New Technologies in Education 2017" encompassed a wide variety of topics in the field of educational technology - 150 lectures, examples of good practices, debates and panel discussions at all levels of education.


Over 7,500 participants had opportunity to hear more than 180 presenters about the use of ICT   in education and actively participate in 150 lectures held in three main halls.
One of the most visited lectures was the presentation by Donald Clark on the use of artificial   intelligence in the education of the future.
At this event, our visitors have met some of the professionals in the field of educational technology,   connected with colleagues from the whole world about their approaches in work. 
Our visitors had opportunity to be involved in ICT workshops and try first hand Bee-Bot robots, Wikipedia in classroom and some of the modern educational tools.
During the conference programme, students debate was held to discover whether  there is a place for social media in classrooms, what are advantages and disadvantages.