The fourth annual conference and fair ‘New Technologies in Education’ were held from 9 to 11 February 2017 in Belexpocenter and premises of ‘Holiday Inn’ hotel, in Belgrade. With this event we encouraged the process of modernisation of education, gathering and connecting the world of educators, teachers, employees in education system and the world of modern technologies. 

Our Ministry recognises the importance of the conference and fair – New Technologies in Education – and supports information development in this field especially when it comes to child protection.


At this event, participants had an opportunity to discover possibilities of using new technologies in education, the ways in which they can modernise their work and implement innovations, as well as different approaches in motivating and engaging students in teaching in order to achieve better results in schools. 

Every year, the conference ‘New Technologies in Education’ is increasing in visitor numbers. We gather teaching and non-teaching members of staff from pre-school institutions, schools, universities and other organisations involved in the education system. At the conference in 2017 we had over 7,500 registered visitors during the three days of the event. We welcomed  numerous experts from the field of educational technologies, innovators, enthusiasts in IT industry and partners from the region and wider.

In addition to rich educational content, we supported small entrepreneurs and big companies that presented their technological products and services which can change education of future generations. By connecting education and ICT sectors we helped closing the digital skills gap and prepared young people for digital world of work. 

If you have any questions regarding the conference or the fair, please contact us.