Local media outlets, both online, broadcast and in print are an important source of information for large numbers of people in the Western Balkans. 

The aim of the Media for All programme is to support independent media outlets in developing their business and operational models through training, expert mentoring and small grants to support implementation of their business plans. 

With our partners, the Thomson Foundation, we are working with 55 selected media outlets across the Western Balkans to help them become more resilient so that they can engage better with, and deliver a diverse range of content, to all citizens. After a three-month long, intensive mentoring programme with training, idea development and support, the outlets are now implementing their business plans. 

The media outlets will continue to receive training and support throughout the one-year period of implementation of their business idea. This includes an e-learning programme to give outlets additional knowledge and skills in a range of areas including management and business, as well as practical mentoring with their mentors.