NOTICE: You can download the list of the most successful applications here.

The British Council and Trag Foundation invite citizens' associations and informal groups from different counties of Serbia to apply to participate in the programme "Improving Citizens’ Engagement on Issues of Public Interest". The call is open until 6 October at 11:59 pm and is intended to enhance advocacy skills and active involvement of citizens in addressing issues of public interest in their local communities.

The project envisages 20 grants up to GBP 3,500 and 10 grants up to GBP 8,500, depending upon the capacity of organisations, type of actions, and their local action plans. 

The project is being delivered by the British Council and Trag Foundation in collaboration with the UK’s Good Governance Fund.

You can apply here:

Application form | Component 1: Civic Activism
Application form | Component 2: Community advocacy 

If you are having trouble with the application process, please download and view the application documents at the bottom of this page.

NOTICE: You can download the list of the most successful applications here.

Eligible counties

The organisations and grassroots coming from the following districts are eligible to participate in the pilot phase: 

  1. Borski
  2. Jablanicki
  3. Kolubarski
  4. Macvanski
  5. Middle Banat
  6. Nisavski
  7. Pcinjski
  8. Pirotski
  9. Raski
  10. South Backi
  11. South Banat
  12. Zajecarski
  13. Zlatiborski.

About the project

Improving Citizens’ Engagement on Issues of Public Interest is a UK-funded pilot project which aims at supporting 30 civil society organisations and grass-root initiatives across different districts of Serbia in order to improve their public advocacy capabilities and citizens’ engagement around public issues of interest for their local communities.

This pilot project is being implemented from September 2019 until May 2020 and consists of three main streams of activity:

a) the increased level of knowledge and skills of CSOs/grassroots to actively engage with citizens and articulate their interests
b) realisation of local actions through a grant scheme
c) final event in Belgrade which will present the most successful local actions. 

Our intention is to the identify innovative and successful models of citizens’ engagement and to scale up this project to a larger initiative and national call after completion of the pilot phase.