Poyraz Tutuncu

Media outlets receive many requests from young people wanting an internship but they are not structured or formal programmes. Our partner, BIRN created a four-month training programme for twelve trainees.

In response, we invited students, graduates and young journalists from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia to apply for the first round of a four-month traineeship programme.

After a set of intensive two- week training sessions with an experienced journalist, who taught the trainees a range of skills and techniques they would need to work in a busy media outlet, they were introduced to their mentors. 

The trainees became full-time members of staff of selected media outlets and were supported by a senior team member of each media outlet. Over the course of the programme, the trainees learnt practical skills but also got the opportunity to write and produce over 300 articles. 

Video call meeting showing peoples faces on screen

Youth Trainees

Another twelve young journalists are embarking on their intensive training programme in July 2021. We will be sharing their experiences as they develop new skills both through their formal teaching sessions and learning on the job with a dedicated senior journalist as a mentor.