Main programme that will include presentations and lectures from all levels of education.

09.00 Using technology in scientific project olympiads
Aydan Meydan, Bosnia and Herzegovina
09.30 Digital and online learning in VET in Serbia
Alessandro Brolpito, European Training Foundation
10.00 Introducing the BBC micro:bit and its ecosystem
Gareth James, UK
10.30 Break
11.00 What we're learning about teaching computing
Miles Berry, UK
11.30 Institutional use and benefits of digital technologies
Neil Morris, UK
12.00 Students debate: Is there a place for social media in education?
The academic debate network "Open communication"
13.00 Break
14.00 Third-graders as creators of electronic teaching materials
Slavica Gomilanović, Serbia 
14.15 What to do when they've had too much Scratch
Niel Rickus, UK
14.45 School Wiki nook
Ivan Milovanović, Serbia
15.00 Blog as a guide for practical teaching
Ljilja Davidov, Serbia
15.15 Are our teachers digitally competent?
Davor Kolarić, Bosiljka Jelača, Violeta Nikolić, Croatia
15.30 Break
15.45 Eco-adventure on Moodle
Irina Damnjanović, Serbia
16.00 IT in agriculture – the growth
Đurađ Caranović, Serbia
16.15 Mind blowing tech in learning
Donald Clark, UK


Presentations in this hall will focus on primary, secondary and higher education.

09.00 Panel discussion
Teaching Programming to five year olds
10.00 Programming: passing trend or vital curriculum component
Philip Bagge, UK 
10.30 Programming in the 1st grade of secondary school in Scratch
Milena Marić, Serbia
10.45 The technology of augmented reality in education
Miroslava Ristić, Nikola Ilić, Serbia
11.00 You play games on your phone? Be cool and make your own
Milorad Karanović, Serbia
11.15 Using Scratch in teaching
Daniel Kobar, Boris Đurica Serbia
11.30 Pokemon Go – the power of augmented reality in education
Mark Martin, UK
12.00 Break
13.00 Getting to ABLE: an institutional approach to active blended learning
Rachwel Maxwell, UK
13.30 Application of Wikipedia in education
Nebojša Ratković, Serbia
13.45 Teaching model for e-learning 'five steps'
Marina Petrović, Serbia

Encouraging interactivity by using digital tools 
Danijela Ljubojević, Serbia

14.15 Improving student retention using TEL and course design
Simon Cross, UK
14.45 The Power(ful) Point and other blisses of Hi-tech
Jana Živanović, Serbia
15.00 Break
15.15 Let's wake up creativity with homework
Vera Isailović, Serbia
15.30 How to use Google maps in classrooms
Milica Marković, Serbia
15.45 The Tower block – a tower of words
Kristina Radojičić, Serbia
16.00 My world, my classroom
Anica Tričković, Serbia


Presentations in this hall will cover different topics, from the use of ICT in preschool and inclusive education to specialised software and school leadership. 

09.00 Accessible catalog of assistive technology
Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development – Group for Social Inclusion 
09.30 Better performance with an amusing test
Aleksandra Bakrač, Serbia 
09.45 Educational software 'My Computer'
Srđan Stojanović, Vesna Šavija, Serbia 
10.00 Download, print and play
Ivan Sidorov, Serbia 
10.15 Digital Library 'Braille's Cloud'
Mirjana Mihajlović, Nebojša Marković, Serbia  
10.30 WikiSerbian made to suit every student
Marija Rajić Simić, Serbia 
10.45 Serious games for social competence and creativity
Aleksandra Đurović, Serbia
11.00 Break
11.30  Teacher development – success
Svetlana Belić Malinić, Serbia
11.45  Challenges of using ICT through an example of online learning
Jasmin Jusić, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragana Buvač, Serbia 
12.00  The use of ICT tools in career leading
Marko Banković, Ružica Madžarević, Ivana Vulić, Serbia
12.15  Omnia mea... BYOD (Bring your own Device) in Serbia
Vladan Mladenović, Serbia 
12.30  How to properly plan a great e-learning national project?
Juraj Bilić, CARNet