Training 16.10.2020

The third cycle of trainings for primary school teachers from Serbia has begun, and this time around our teachers come from the school administrations of Valjevo, Užice and Čačak.

With all the necessary protection measures from Covid-19, we were able to have live training events at 13 locations so that groups would be smaller and safer. This cycle of training took us to the teachers of Čačak, Gornji Milanovac, Guča and Ivanjica. Protective measures taken to ensure that the training is conducted in the best possible manner included masks, hand sanitizers, the prescribed distance between participants, and the like.

In the following period, the continuation of trainings under also high measures of hygienic protection is expected. Although under changed conditions, we continue to successfully transfer knowledge of problem-solving, critical thinking and microbite-based programming skills.