Top50 PC Press

PC Press has been selecting the best sites in Serbia for 23 years, and has been giving awards in six categories. We have distinguished ourselves this year by our work in the field of education and culture, and are proud to receive the Top 50 Award in this category.

As a justification for the award, PC Press stated:

"The British Council is an international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities, and in addition to being our long-term partners in education, we also appreciate and love that, in addition to popularizing culture and language, they are very dedicated to digital education and the application of new technologies in all spheres. and educational degrees. Learning from those in front of us is no shame, and it is a real treasure if someone with more knowledge and experience still wants to help you and speed you up. "

The award was received on behalf of the British Council by Ljiljana Sinickovic, Head of Education for the Western Balkans.