Devojčica sa nastavnicom ispred računara

In cooperation with the Petlja Foundation, we have developed a manual that covers teaching topics in the subject of Engineering and Technology for the eighth grade.

Free online material Management of electromechanical models using a micro:bit device - a manual for the eighth grade was created as an aid and inspiration for the realization of classes in which it is planned to create projects within the subject Engineering and Technology. This handbook covers two major teaching topics covered in the eighth grade, Technical and Digital Literacy and Constructive Modeling. The Handbook itself abounds in detailed examples through which the student has the opportunity to get acquainted with automatic control systems and to practically apply these concepts using a micro:bit device. The Manual uses a micropython programming language and an MU editor, and all examples are explained in detail.

In addition to creating open educational resources, the Petlja Foundation will soon implement training for teachers who teach technique and technology in the eighth grade. 

As part of the "Schools for the 21st Century" program, the author team of the Petlja Foundation has previously developed two manuals intended for teaching Informatics and Computing in primary schools: Programming micro:bit devices in MakeCode - a manual for fifth grade and Programming micro:bit devices in micropyton for seventh and eighth grade.