Online Coding Challenge, organized by British Council as part of the programme „21st Century Schools“, gives students throughout Serbia the opportunity to realize and present their ideas using micro:bit devices. First place in the Online Coding Challenge with micro:bit devices held in June 2021, belongs to the elementary school „Emilija Ostojić“ from Požega.

Students Milica Sarić and Nađa Marić from Požega, introduced their school with micro:bit project called „Svetlosno-zvučni rasterivač ptica“. The idea of this project is to protect property, for example the roofs of houses and buildings, from the negative impact of birds, while at the same time those birds are protected by using only sound and light effects to remove them.

Watch a demonstration of this device in the video. They would make a great project better with the help of LED tapes, then with the solar panels and better external resistance of the device itself. Ambitious Nađa and Milica have an idea to work with servo and electro motors.