Second place in the Online Coding Challenge held in June 2021 belongs to the elementary school „Jovan Cvijić“ from Zminjak.

Online Coding Challenge, organized by British Council as part of the programme „21st Century Schools“, gives students throughout Serbia the opportunity to realize and present their ideas using micro:bit devices.

A student Ivan Milosavljević introduced himself with the project „Bezbednost u saobraćaju“. Since the place where Ivan lives, is often crowded with a large number of traffic accidents at rail crossings, he thought that it would be important for the community where he lives to raise awareness about crashes, and he achieved that with the help of sensors, micro:bits and servo motors. The micro:bit beeps when the train passes through the tunnel and activates the servo motor and thus lowers the ramp.

Ivan would improve his idea and project by better controling the ramp and the sensor for a short circuit, because in this way it is possible to activate the signal without the arrival of the train.