Teachers from Nikodije Stojanović Tatko primary school from Prokuplje, attended seminar ‘Teaching that stimulates critical thinking and problem solving’ which we organize as part of our 21st Century Schools” programme. Today, as many as 40 percent of students in the world suffer from peer violence every day, so after this seminar, teachers have worked with their students to solve this problem in their school by using critical thinking, team work and creativity.

The "Nikodije Stojanović Tatko" School has been given 50 micro:bit devices that can be used in teaching and help students to develop their skills. The teachers of this school decided to organize the project “Be a Friend - Report Violence” in addition to the opening of the Coding Club. The aim of the project was to raise awareness of peer violence and its prevention through learning about the concept of peer violence, its forms, prevalence, consequences and ways in which it can be overcome, as well as the actions that students can take if they suffer or witness peer violence.

More than 400 students participated in the project, demonstrating a great initiative for change that needed to be brought about in schools to fight peer violence. The project was presented in the hall of the school which consisted of a "box of trust", arts and literary works of students, as well as the film which dealt with this topic. The project such as “Be a Friend-Report Violence” shows us that peer violence is taken seriously among students and how important it was for this initiative to come to life.

We hope that other schools participating in our program will follow this beautiful example of elementary school from Prokuplje, that they will also initiate projects with this topic and raise awareness of peer violence.