The main goal of the Judicial Efficiency Project is improving the performance of judicial bodies and their ability to measure performance through standardisation of working processes and procedures, introduction of new and improved methodologies, better communication with the public, enhancement of professional competencies and revision of the legislative framework. The project addresses judicial efficiency at large, focusing on the network of courts of general jurisdiction and public prosecutors’ offices.

The project activities are structured under five components, which are designed to improve the overall efficiency of the judiciary and to facilitate the administration of justice in a fair, transparent and timely manner that secures the public trust and confidence.

Key project beneficiaries are High Judicial Council, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, State Prosecutorial Council, Serbian Public Prosecutors’ Office, Supreme Court of Cassation and Judicial Academy.

The project is closely aligned with the priorities defined in key strategic documents such as the National Judicial Reform Strategy and Action Plan for the Chapter 23, and aims to contribute to better performance of the Serbian judiciary and its alignment with EU standards.

The two-year project started in February 2016. It is funded by the European Union and is being implemented by a consortium led by the British Council in association with UK Ministry of Justice, DMI Associates, Alternative Consulting, 4DIGITS Consulting and Mihajlo Pupin Institute.

If you have any questions, please contact the Project Manager Nina Lukić.