A woman with long dark hair sits in the foreground in an office setting, looking away from her smiling female colleague who is sitting opposite her

Poyraz Tutuncu

The pilot mentoring programme is running from 24 February to 14 April 2021 involving 15 mentees and six experienced mentors from six countries of the Western Balkans. Mentees will meet with their mentors twice a week to work on personal and professional development goals. The mentees will also take part in workshops and consultations to exchange their experiences, reflect on the mentoring process and network with each other.

The aim of the programme is to empower women in the media. Working with a mentor who has experience in the media, they can advise on any challenges but also share their knowledge, experience and networks to support their mentee. This is an opportunity to learn, ask questions and experience different points of view.

Mentoring is an effective method of professional development. It encourages growth and motivation, improves productivity and engagement, facilitates connection between the participants, strengthens the community and collective identity of women, helps expand the network of professional contacts, creates opportunities for cooperation and exchange of ideas and contributes to strengthening self-confidence.

We spoke to one of the mentees, Amra, about why she wanted to get involved and to her mentor, the well-known Serbian journalist Masa Mileusic.

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